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Barleygreen Sauda

Barleygreen Sauda

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Barleygreen® Sauda

Barley Grass is a Natural Source of Multivitamins, Traditional Medicine from Japan
• Dr.Yoshihide Hagiwara's formulation Cultivated in Oita District, Japan
• 16 vitamins including vitamin C and vitamin B complex
• 17 minerals including calcium and zinc
• 18 amino acids source of protein improve the body
• 300 live enzymes help ease digestion, provide energy and remove toxins

Habbatus Sauda, Traditional Medicine from Islamic Civilization
• Traditional Food of Islamic Civilization that has been practiced since more than 2,000 years ago
• Contains Thymoquinone Active Ingredients
• In powder form that is easier to absorb

Benefits of Barleygreen® Sauda
• Helps Ease Breathing, Cough & Sore Throat
• Feel Young & Energetic Again
• Helps control sugar levels, high blood pressure and cholesterol
• All-In-One Natural Multivitamin

More Savings & Secure with Barleygreen® Sauda
• All-In-One Natural Multivitamin from Barley Grass and Black Buckwheat
• 1 glass of Barleygreen® Sauda contains nutrients equivalent to 5 plates of vegetables and fruits
• Award Winning Patented Processing Method
• Guaranteed Halal by Halal Japan and India, Recognized by JAKIM

How to Drink Barleygreen® Sauda
• Mix 1 sachet of Barleygreen Sauda ® + 1 glass of cold/warm water + honey according to taste
• Drink 20 minutes before or after a meal

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