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Liver Detox Program

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What happens when liver function is impaired?

  • Nausea
  • Loss appetite
  • Body ache
  • Weight gain
  • Decreased efficiency of the digestive and cardiovascular systems
  • Fatigue and sleepiness
  • Acne and skin pigmentation
  • Diarrhea
  • Swollen or bleeding abdomen
  • Mental disorientation

Benefit of Liver Detox Program

  • Balances body acidity and increases metabolism
  • Metabolizes fat and protein deposition.
  • Slows down aging, increases energy and revitalizes body
  •  Balances hormones
  • Prevent against diseases
  • Menstrual & menopause issues
  • Prevent skin pigmentation
  • Better production of blood
  • Boosts cell respiration
  • Detoxifies liver and improves body condition
  • Relieve anemic
Liver Detox Program-01.png__PID:4911485f-e55a-4834-ad9f-51b99fccc5ba

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Liver Detox Program

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  • Powerful Antioxidants eg. Beta-Carotene and Vitamin C supports healthy eye vision, teeth and bones.
  • Carrot compound 'Polyacetylene' discourages Inflammation and Cancer
  • Anti-Aging, Improves skin and complexion.
  • 20 times the concentration compared to ordinary carrot juices


  • Supports immune system (70% of our immune systems depends on colon)
  • Supports colon with ideal recommended 85% of healthy bacteria
  • Relieves indigestion and improves nutrient absorption

Customer Testimony

Constipation & Hemorrhoid

I have been searching for an ideal supplement for detoxification. I saw the products of Wellness Concept from an advertisement, and I found that Wellness Concept products were really different from other brands (which are in tablet forms). Wellness Liver Detox Program perfectly met my requirements. Before taking Wellness Concept products, I was suffering from persistent constipation for years. Furthermore, I have severe problem of hemorrhoid and blood stool after giving birth. Since I began taking Wellness Concept Organic Juicing and Probio+ (twice a day), my health problems have greatly improved. When I suffer from fever, Probio+ is the only supplement I take to alleviate the problem. Apart from myself, my entire family is taking Pro+ and SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN®. Thanks to Wellness Concept!

Natural Nutrients for Mother and Baby

6 years ago, I started to consume Wellness Juicing and Probio+ to replenish my nutrients. This juicing program helped to solve my constipation and back pain problem. I also consumed to nourish my baby’s development during my first pregnancy. During my confinement period, Wellness Juicing Program helped to boost my immune system and energy level. I felt that my metabolism has improved as I did not feel drowsy all the time and I also had better bowel movement. Thank you so much Wellness Concept!

When & How To Consume?

Twice per day
Before Breakfast & Before Sleep:

Barleygreen Powder x 1

Beta Carrot Powder x 1

Beta Beet Powder x 1

Probio+Plus x 1

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Liver Detox Program-01.png__PID:4911485f-e55a-4834-ad9f-51b99fccc5ba

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Liver Detox Program