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Liver Detox Program 清肝疗程

Liver Detox Program 清肝疗程

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Liver Detox Program 清肝疗程

Are you facing these PROBLEMS ❓❗
🤒Have eye bags & dark circles
🤒Experiencing sensitive skin, dry skin or freckles
🤒Prone to gain weight and water retention
🤒Always tired & has persistent backaches
🤒Easily irritated
🤒Poor skin complexion
These are the signs of impaired liver function ❗❗

If liver function is impaired, these effects will happen
1. Nausea🤢
2. Loss appetite
3. Body ache🤕
4. Weight gain
5. Decreased efficiency of the digestive & cardiovascular systems
6. Fatigue & sleepiness😴
7. Acne and skin pigmentation
8. Diarrhea
9. Swollen or bleeding abdomen
10. Mental disorientation

Prevention is better than cure. Take care of your liver now💖
Liver Detox Program to restore and improve your health🥰
【Combines of Barleygreen Premium + Organic Beta Beet】
✅Barleygreen Premium Powder - contains chlorophyll
↪ easily absorbed into the body cell to detoxify your body at cellular level

✅Organic Beta Beet - contains folic acid, iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamin B12
↪ promotes blood-building functions
↪ detoxifies and provides nutrients for liver
↪ boost cells respiration

BENEFITS of Program
💚Balances body acidity & increases metabolism
💚Metabolizes fat & protein deposition
💚Slows down aging, increases energy & revitalizes body
💚Balances hormones
💚Prevent against diseases
💚Menstrual & menopause issues
💚Prevent skin pigmentation
💚Better production of blood
💚Boosts cell respiration
💚Detoxifies liver
💚Relieve anemic

【Recommended Consumes】
1 tablespoon🥄of Barleygreen
1 tablespoon🥄of Beta Beet

1 tablespoon🥄of Barleygreen
1 tablespoon🥄of Beta Beet


1. 恶心🤢
2. 食欲不振
3. 身体酸痛🤕
4. 体重增加
5. 消化系统和心血管系统的效率降低
6. 疲劳和困倦😴
7. 痤疮和肤色暗沉
8. 腹泻
9. 腹部肿胀或出血
10. 精神错乱

【Barleygreen Premium + Organic Beta Beet】
✅Barleygreen Premium Powder - 含有叶绿素
↪ 容易被人体细胞吸收,在细胞水平上为您的身体排毒

✅有机甜菜根粉 - 含有叶酸、铁、镁、钙和维生素 B12
↪ 促进造血功能
↪ 排毒,为肝脏提供营养
↪ 促进细胞呼吸


1 汤匙🥄Beta Beet

1 汤匙🥄Beta Beet

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